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Nyon - Nyon
40 hours a week Monday - Friday
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Market salary Junior Nanny
Family in Nyon area are looking for a live in junior nanny that has about 4 years of experience with children.

The family have a 4 year old boy and a baby girl.

Preferred languages English, French or Dutch/Afrikaans.

Nanny will be involved in the following activities for the baby girl:
* Full care of the baby during the course of the day
* Feeding the baby by bottle during the course of the day and with food plan as she enters solid feeding stage.
* Caring for the health and hygiene of the baby during the day.
* Playing with, stimulation and development activities for the baby, material will be provided to help guide these activities.
* Aiding the physical development of the baby with things like tummy time, movement play etc. to ensure the baby's body and movement develops in a healthy pace.
* Cleaning of the baby's room
* Cleaning and washing of the baby clothes and bedding
* Cleaning the baby toys and instruments like pram, car chair etc.
* General full care of the baby during the course of the day.

Nanny will be involved in the following activities for the boy:
* Care for the boy after school together with the baby.
* Taking the boy to school and or collecting him from school on a very timely manner.
* Taking the boy to activities like music/sports whilst taking the baby with and caring for her.
* Taking the boy and baby to the park/bike rides/activities to ensure sufficient time is spent outdoors (parks are close by, 8 mins walk and we live behind a farm which is 3 mins walk away allowing ample opportunity for outside play). The family also have a garden where outside play can be at home.
* Preparing lunch and breakfast (ad hoc dinner) for the children
* Keeping play areas neat (whilst of course teaching children to neaten up after themselves).
* Washing clothes and bedding for the boy's room
* Generally keeping the house neat from toys etc
* General care for the boy together with the new baby after school.

Family may get a dog so a dog friendly nanny essential.

Having someone who is loving, kind and gentle in the home with a good grasp of child development at these ages would be a wonderful aid to their family.

Mom will be working from home so someone happy with shared care essential.
Start date
Finish date
1 year - possible to extend

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